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01 Getting Your Boat in the WaterColette ToachHow To Make People to Follow You923
02 Do Not Scuttle Your ShipColette ToachHow To Make People to Follow You619
03 Getting People to Admire YouColette ToachHow To Make People Follow You716
A Very Small SeedColette ToachMusic and Worship211
Apostolic Training: Dealing With PharaohColette ToachMoses Mandate34
Apostolic WomenColette ToachApostolic Movement591
Are you Called to be a Mentor?Colette ToachMinistry Training465
Calling All ProphetsColette ToachAnnouncements1153
Can One Person Make A Difference?Colette ToachPreaching and Teaching310
Climbing The MountainColette ToachMoses Mandate862
Coming Into The Presence of GodColette ToachRestore The Fire336
Confronting PharaohColette ToachMoses Mandate13
David Versus SaulColette ToachDavid Dynamic3
Davidic KingColette ToachDavid Dynamic8
Davidic WarriorColette ToachDavid Dynamic5
Dealing With Ishbosheth Part 1Colette ToachDavid Dynamic6
Dealing With Ishbosheth Part 2Colette ToachDavid Dynamic3
Dealing With SaulColette ToachDavid Dynamic11
Do A Little DanceColette ToachMusic and Worship130
Dream Interpretation By The SpiritColette ToachDreams and Visions2124
Follow The Ark March 02 2009Apostle Colette ToachPreaching and Teaching551
Getting on the Bus With Pastoral TrainingColette ToachPastoral Foundation342
Going For GoldColette ToachInspirational253
Handing Over To JoshuaColette ToachMoses Mandate9
Handling A Rebellious GenerationColette ToachMoses Mandate8
How To Get Fire BackColette ToachInspirational1428
How To Lead WorshipColette ToachLeadership Seminar7
How To Release The AnointingColette ToachRestore The Fire506
Lecture 1: Using the Word with TonguesDenise JordanProphetic Weekend School1250
Lecture 2: Passing Through Preparation FastRonald JordanProphetic Weekend School1110
Lecture 3: The Prophetic PurposeCraig ToachProphetic Weekend School1017
Lecture 4: Prophetic MaturityColette ToachProphetic Weekend School1338
Power Of Creativity 2Colette ToachPreaching and Teaching922
Practicing His PowerColette ToachRevival and Healing590
Prophetic ChildColette ToachProphetic Office507
Returning to the Mountain Part 1Colette ToachMoses Mandate10
Returning to the Mountain Part 2Colette ToachMoses Mandate9
Shaking Your FoundationColette ToachGeneral127
Sowing SeedsColette ToachGeneral73
Stones To Boulders Colette ToachWay of Anointing52
Surviving The WildernessColette ToachMoses Mandate7
Taking Your LandColette ToachTaking Your Land2277
The Cave of AdullamColette ToachDavid Dynamic6
The Davidic Leader Part 1Colette ToachDavid Dynamic9
The Davidic Leader Part 2Colette ToachDavid Dynamic8
The Deliciousness of LifeColette ToachInspirational924
The Prophetic Ministry And Your MarriageColette ToachProphetic Office29
The Prophetic NetworkColette ToachProphetic Office13
Walking In The FireColette ToachRestore The Fire131
Why God Will Bless YouColette ToachRestore The Fire91
You Can Walk in The SpiritColette ToachMusic and Worship269

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